2020-02-06 13:43

Launching Sprouted

Sprouted was founded to help bootstrappers, indie hackers, SaaS founders, and digital entrepreneurs getting to know their customers and growing their company.

As the founder of Sprouted I have over 20 years experience running businesses and growing startups from idea to company. Most recently I co-founded ClubCollect and Releasewise.

Time and time again I ran into the same problems when launching a startup:

  • There's no time to build a fancy admin tool displaying user actions like sign ups, events like plan upgrades, etc.
  • There's no or hardly any money to throw at tools like Intercom, Segment, Mixpanel, Amplitude, etc.
  • Startup teams are small and multi-disciplinary but at the same time often no one is an expert in getting the most out of tools like Mixpanel. The real experts are brought in later when the company has sprouted (pun intended).

I always felt I needed a tool that would enable startups to:

  • Follow the user's journey through the site or app, while they leave "breadcrumbs" indicating discovery, uptake, and usage of key features.
  • Collect just enough personal info to enable personal outreach if necessary.
  • Exchange emails between customers and us regarding support questions and feedback.
  • Analyze individual users as well as aggregated behavior using flexible filters based on dates and keywords.

And guess what, Sprouted is doing just this!


Let's dig into a couple of commonly asked questions about Sprouted:

Why would I use Sprouted?

You need some kind of user management in order to study user profiles and usage timelines. You don't want to write SQL queries for this every time.

Why would I not use one of your competitors?

Sprouted is less bloated, more focussed feature-wise, API driven, and more affordable.

Do I need to be a programmer to use Sprouted?

If you know how e.g. Zapier works you can implement Sprouted. If you're not afraid of copying and pasting technical-looking URLs into a config screen then you're dangerous enough to use Sprouted.

How affordable is Sprouted?

Plans start at $19 per month ($15 if you pay annually).

Can I track anything I like for every user?

The Sprouted API enables you to pass a list of attributes for every user event you create based on so-called strings, numbers, and booleans ("yes/no" values).

How does the email feature work?

Sprouted assigns a unique, private email address to your organization which you can use to forward your support@ emails to. Every email is either assigned to an existing customer, or a new customer is created based on the sender's email address. You can reply to the user straight from Sprouted.

Can I customize the template which Sprouted uses to send emails to my customers?

You can upload your logo, set your company address, signature, accent color, and sender name.

Do you offer widgets like this Intercom thing that pops up in the right-hand corner of many sites?

We probably won't build one. We believe that email is still the best way to conduct customer support between you and your users. One of the reasons is that especially startups don't have the resources to be anywhere all the time. With Sprouted they can centralize their customer support in one place. Having said this, you can build your own in-app messaging thread based on the Sprouted API.

Can I send mass emailings via Sprouted?

No, Sprouted is meant to communicate with individual users.

Give it a spin

You can easily give Sprouted a spin by signing up. You don't need a credit card and there's a 14-day free trial.

Every new account comes with a playground that enables you to look around without having to set up anything.

API examples are displayed throughout the user interface so you'll be creating customers and customer events in no time.

I hope to see you appear in the timeline of our Sprouted account as a new user!

Please reach out to erik@sprouted.app or support@sprouted.app if you have any questions.

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